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The Whitney Daniels Designs screen printing company was founded in 1984 by Cindy and her mom Jo (Jo Mama).  When Cindy's oldest daughter was in Kindergarten, she was a guest at her career day and the original "Self Portrait T-Shirt" was born.

Over the years, it has evolved from doing a few classes each year to the internet finding our t-shirts and spreading first across the country and now to different continents!

Marne' came to Whitney Daniels Designs to help transition the company from "old school" cut and paste to using computers to digitally create artwork.  

Jo has since retired, so Cindy and Marne' worked tirelessly to print Self-Portrait T-Shirts.  Orders continued to increase so we added Jenessa to the team.  She is very often the "Employee of the Month".  Together we have lots of fun with the surprising pictures and requests we get to print on T-Shirts.  We may be a small company, but together we can put out some pretty amazing T-Shirts!

We currently operate at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon in SLC, UT, with this beautiful mountain backdrop at our front door.  We feel so lucky.

One more thing...if you call us, don't ask for Whitney, there is no Whitney.  Whitney is the middle name of Jo's husband and Daniel is the middle name of Cindy's husband.  Together we all make Whitney Daniels Designs.

Whitney Daniels Designs • 2460 Bengal Boulevard, Salt Lake City, UT • (801)272-5688